Integromat integration with BulkGate

Integrate BulkGate SMS messages with over 850 services, apps & smart devices with Integromat.

How to set up an integration scenario

BulkGate integration with Integromat

The Integromat integration platform allows you to automate and optimize workflows with BulkGate without the need to code. Use it to connect our SMS solutions with an unlimited number of apps and services to automate your processes.

For example, you can create scenarios where bulk SMS or personal SMS notifications are sent to your customers after being triggered in another app. Scroll down to see a list of examples.

Save time, and make your life easier by automating any process involving BulkGate and your other work apps using Integromat.

Integromat integration with {name}

To send messages from apps you want to integrate with BulkGate, you need to create a BulkGate account. Our SMS gateway, with its worldwide coverage, allows you to send messages almost anywhere. See the prices in the country you want to send messages to. There are no mandatory monthly fees or minimum fulfillment. You only pay for the messages you send.

Visit our helpdesk to see how to connect BulkGate with many different apps using Integromat.

What is Integromat?

Simple. It's a visual automation builder that allows you to create multi-step integrations to optimize your business processes.

Using the drag-and-drop builder, you can connect BulkGate to more than 850 pre-configured apps or any API, thanks to Integromat’s universal connectors.


With Integromat, you can connect as many apps as you need to BulkGate. Include as many routes as required for your processes, and apply additional logic to make any integration possible. Connect multiple apps and branches, and apply additional logic to build custom integrations that fulfill your customers’ needs.

Connect BulkGate with your favorite apps using Integromat

Receive notification about wallet's credit status when a new object is created in Zoho CRM.
Send personalized bulk SMS with different text to every new customer on Shopify.
Be notified whenever a new record is created in Salesforce.
Receive SMS notification when a deal or product is updated on Pipedrive.
Send bulk text message to all your employees when you create a new event in HubSpot CRM.
Add a new row to Google Sheets with delivery report after you send SMS.
Receive email with SMS delivery information and more after you send SMS via BulkGate.
Receive an SMS whenever a new post appears on the timeline of your Facebook page.