Integromat integration with BulkGate

Integrate BulkGate SMS messages with over 500 services, apps & smart devices with Integromat.

How to set up an integration scenario

BulkGate integration with Integromat

It is now possible to connect our SMS solutions with many different apps, services and devices with Integromat. BulkGate integration provides you with both triggers and actions. So you can either create scenarios where, for example, bulk SMS or SMS notification is sent after an app triggers it, or BulkGate triggers an app when it receives SMS report for example. You can see some examples in the list below. So make your life easier and connect your BulkGate account with apps, services and smart devices you use every day.

Integromat integration with {name}

Visit our helpdesk to see how to connect BulkGate with many different apps using Integromat.

What is Integromat?

Integromat is one of the most advanced automation platforms that is easy to use enables you to automate processes that you are doing manually. With Integromat, you can connect many different apps, smart devices, and services that usually don't communicate with each other. You connect them into automated scenarios that will work for you, saving you time for other things.


These automated scenarios are composed of triggers, actions, routers, filters, tools, and many other features. One app or service triggers an action of one or if you add a router to your scenario, more apps, and services. Most of the automations can be done without the need of any programming skills. Although, if you have some coding skills you can create more complex and deep integrations by adding really interesting functions.

Connect BulkGate with your favorite apps using Integromat

Receive notification about wallet's credit status when a new object is created in Zoho CRM.
Send personalized bulk SMS with different text to every new customer on Shopify.
Be notified whenever a new record is created in Salesforce.
Receive SMS notification when a deal or product is updated on Pipedrive.
Send bulk text message to all your employees when you create a new event in HubSpot CRM.
Add a new row to Google Sheets with delivery report after you send SMS.
Receive email with SMS delivery information and more after you send SMS via BulkGate.
Receive an SMS whenever a new post appears on the timeline of your Facebook page.