Create new opportunities for your NWICODE CMS platform by adding SMS functionalities

NWICODE CMS SMS module description

Create new opportunities with the SMS module for NWICODE platform. Increase your sales and keep your customers satisfied with the provided SMS features. The SMS module will allow you to send SMS messages directly from the editor. You can therefore send personalized bulk SMS messages or individual SMS messages to your list of contacts. Use this effective form of marketing for building campaigns as an alternative or addition to push notifications to maximize your marketing effectiveness.

In addition, SMS functionality can be easily added to existing modules for transactional emails (order confirmations, reminders, etc.). Mobil Cart module, module PainApp and Restaurants, have already benefited from the strength of this SMS module.

To send messages from this SMS module, you have to have your own BulkGate account as this SMS module depends on BulkGate. BulkGate operates in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. This gives this module, and you, a huge advantage as you can send messages to your contacts almost anywhere in the world. Check our price list to see prices in the country where you want to send messages to.


NWICODE is a platform for creating and managing a mobile app for iOS and Android without programming skills. The platform is primarily focused on monetization and creation of applications for online Commerce.


Features of the NWICODE CMS SMS module

  • Send personalized individual SMS messages to your contacts
  • Send personalized bulk SMS to groups or list of contacts
  • Import contacts to your bulk SMS campaign via CSV/Excel, vCard, enter numbers manually
  • Send SMS messages with short code, system number, own number or present yourself as a company with text sender
  • Shorten links in your SMS campaigns and get more out of your message

  • Check BulkGate credit balance
  • Restrict countries to where SMS can be sent
  • Access the history of sent SMS messages
  • Easily integrate with other modules to add SMS functionality (for developers only)
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) solution for India and other countries (NDNC registry)
  • Opt-out solution

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