OTP Verification for PrestaShop

Verify your PrestaShop customer mobile numbers by sending them one-time password to their mobile phones. Eliminate fake orders.

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Description of the OTP Verification module for PrestaShop

This OTP verification module for Prestashop is built for e-shops that want to verify customers' phone numbers with OTP validation. In today's world, an order without a valid phone number can cause your e-shop a lot of troubles. Customers can receive packages that did not order themselves, scammers can easily target your store and your e-shop can lose a lot of time and resources. With this module, you make sure that the customer enters a valid number by sending them a One Time Password. This code is validated on the backend when entered together with the customer address. This prevents scammers from creating fake orders and protects customers from invalid orders in case their account data is stolen.

In order to successfully send messages from this module, you need your own BulkGate account as this integration is dependent on BulkGate. BulkGate operates in over 200 countries and regions all over the world. You can take advantage of this worldwide coverage and send texts to your contacts almost anywhere. Take a look at our price list to see the prices in a country where you want to send messages to.

Features of the OTP Verification module for PrestaShop

  • Verify customer phone number using OTP
  • Customize the message sent with the OTP
  • Protect your e-shop from spammers and scammers creating fake orders
  • Access the history of sent SMS messages

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