SMS API for your business

Our SMS API will open you the door to the world. BulkGate won't hinder your business activities anywhere around the globe.

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Choose the right SMS API for your project

You can really choose with us. We provide a wide range of SMS APIs.



  • Suitable for any type of project, even highly complex ones
  • Be charmed by its simplicity of implementation
  • Choose from 4 HTTP APIs
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  • Simple integration to your PHP projects
  • Complete package with many supported functions
  • Nette framework support
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SMTP API (Email to SMS)

  • Enable your e-mail to send SMS messages
  • Simple implementation
  • See how to set up and send SMS messages easily via email on our helpdesk
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  • Use the industry standard to send messages
  • Our powerful SMPP API handles extreme volumes of text messages efficiently
  • Highest throughput
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APIs customized for developers

Code in your favorite programming language and enable your application to communicate with the world. BulkGate provides you with complete documentation for the smooth connection of your application to our platform. Just look at our helpdesk.

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API features


Sender type

Send SMS with short code, system number, own number or present yourself as a company with text sender. Configure sender ID profiles for each country separately for international campaigns.


Message personalization

Personalize your messages and build deeper relationships with your customers. They will appreciate that you know them.



If you send a campaign with a sender type that is not supported in a particular country, it will still be delivered but with a default sender type.


2-way communication

Nowadays, two-way messaging with your customers is absolutely necessary. Customers don't just want to receive messages, they also want to communicate with you directly.


Campaign schedule

Schedule the time and date of your SMS campaign strategically, to get the most customer conversions for your money.


All character support

Activate Unicode and send text messages with all non-standard characters.


Opt-out management

Stay consistent with regulations. BulkGate automatically handles replies such as STOP and other opt-outs.


Automatic number conversion

We automatically convert all numbers in national format to international format according to the selected country.


Remove duplicates

Enable the option to remove duplicate messages to your customers and avoid unpleasant spamming.

Create, manage and analyze with BulkGate Portal. All in one place.

SMS API can be now easily created and managed on BulkGate Portal. In just a few clicks you can generate access data for your new API and start communicating with your customers. Portal will give you a complete overview of your account. Additionally, you can analyze and evaluate campaigns that were sent via API and get relevant data for building subsequent strategies.

Web Portal

Simple management

Create and manage your API easily from one place.


Campaign analysis

Analyze and evaluate your advertising campaign on BulkGate Portal.


Complete overview

Have a complete overview of your communication with the customers.

Send messages, we'll take care of rest


Worldwide coverage

We'll deliver your messages to over 200 countries and regions. Take advantage of global coverage while expanding your business.


Priority handling

Our SMS gateway distinguishes between bulk SMS and SMS notifications, where notifications have always a higher priority when sending.


Intelligent routing

We automatically redirect text messages to ensure top-speed and best route delivery of your messages.

Our prices will not prevent you from growing

Send SMS messages via API to the whole world for great prices.

Pay less


Pay only for what you send. No monthly fees, no contracts.


Volume discount

Get volume discounts with a bigger top-up. Save money on every message you send.

Happy customer

You won't lose credit with us

BulkGate uses virtual currency that you'll never lose. The credit validity is unlimited.

Affiliate Program

Are you a developer, or do you just want to bring new customers to BulkGate? Become our partner and earn a 5-20% commission on every message your client sends either via SMS API or our other integrations, web Portal, or your own product. Look how easy it is to become our partner and how the affiliate program works.