Bitrix24 SMS module

Integrate Bitrix24 CRM with BulkGate and get SMS as a new channel for communication with your customers.

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Description of Bitrix24 PRO.SMS module

Send SMS messages from Bitrix24 using BulkGate as your provider. The PRO.SMS module allows you to automatically notify your clients via SMS. Give your sales team the ability to send a custom message at exactly the right moment to get new clients enabling SMS sales! Improve your marketing automation with direct messaging through actions and CRM rules.

This integration is really simple and completely free, adding a new level to your communication. Plus, you only pay for the SMS you send.

How Bitrix24 SMS module works

To send SMS notifications from the Bitrix24 PRO.SMS module, you need your own BulkGate account. Take advantage of the global coverage of our SMS gateway and send messages to your contacts almost anywhere. Check out our price list to see the prices in the country you want to send messages to. At the same time, you have no mandatory monthly fees or minimum fulfillment. You only pay for the messages you send.

See how to activate modules and APIs in our Portal on the Helpdesk.

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a united workspace - CRM, Project Management and Collaboration Platform for your business management. Bitrix24 handles many aspects of daily operations and tasks such as team communications, relationships with your clients, manages tasks and projects and gives you a new framework for a full collaboration and marketing place.

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Features of Bitrix24 SMS module

If youre looking for a CRM with SMS functionality that goes beyond the standard requirements, try the PRO.SMS module for Bitrix24 as it works with SMS directly within Bitrix24.

  • Send SMS messages directly to your CRM entities (contacts, company, leads, deals...)
  • Keep an SMS history for your sent messages directly in your CRM card
  • Include automatic SMS via CRM automation rules
  • Include automatic SMS via workflows
  • Use the SMS-enabled sales centre
  • Launch marketing campaigns wit text messages

Bitrix24 PRO.SMS module is supported and maintained by a third party


Technical support

Something is not working or you need to extend the functionality? Contact the module developer Proyectanda.

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