Turn your Android phone into an SMS gateway. For free!

Download the Mobile Connect app and take advantage of your tariff's free or low-cost SMS messaging when communicating with customers.

Download Mobile Connect app for Android
Mobile Connect app

How it works

Download the free Mobile Connect app for Android to your phone and turn it into a full-fledged SMS gateway with BulkGate. Use your carriers unlimited text messages to send SMS messages. BulkGate only charges you a nominal fee per message sent. With the Mobile Connect app, you save costs with every SMS you send.

Download the Android app

Sign up for BulkGate and download the Mobile Connect app for Android.

Easy activation

Activate and connect your Android phone to BulkGate. See instructions.

Communication via SMS

Mobile Connect app supports communication with customers via portal, API and integrations.

Benefits of Mobile Connect and BulkGate

Benefits of Mobile Connect and BulkGate

By connecting the Mobile Connect app with BulkGate SMS gateway, you get all our powerful marketing tools for free.

Need to send bulk SMS messages or create marketing campaigns? Use our online Portal. Do you want to extend your application to send SMS messages? Use our API. Do you run an e-shop and need to send notifications to your customers? Try our free e-commerce modules and plugins.

BulkGate Portal

Online Portal

Create and send campaigns in a few clicks. The campaign editor guides you from importing contacts, to writing a message, to scheduling and sending a campaign. Analyze the results of your campaigns with clear metrics and improve performance with each new campaign.

BulkGate API

BulkGate API

Do you need to connect your app to your mobile phone using an API? The Mobile Connect app works with most BulkGate SMS APIs. With us, you´re sure to find the right SMS API to easily connect your app.

BulkGate integrations

Modules and plugins

Mobile Connect can be used with most BulkGate integrations. For an overview of plugins and modules that support the Mobile Connect app channel, see the Integrations page.

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