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Discover the power of SMS marketing in your business. Increase your sales and improve your customers' happiness with messages that make their day better.

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SMS gateway solutions

Notify, promote and communicate with your customers via SMS channel.

Bulk SMS

Send a large number of SMS messages at once.

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SMS notifications

Provide updates and timely information to your customer.

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2-way SMS

Have an instant conversation with your customers.

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Validate users phone numbers via SMS OTP to protect their data and your business.

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Smart SMS

Send an SMS with a link leading to your BulkGate Business page.

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Mobile Connect

Use your mobile plan to communicate with customers.

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Bulk SMS

Improve the way you promote

Promote your business better with SMS campaigns that attract the attention of your recipients. Bulk SMS and Smart SMS solutions enable you to reach large audiences fast and cheap. Send personalized promotional messages to your customers to engage them and increase your sales. Our SMS gateway Portal will show you how successful your campaign was.

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Happy customer

Make your customers appreciate your business

Notify your customers about their orders, bookings, or appointments. Timely updates increase customer satisfaction and make them happy because you show them you care about them. Use SMS notifications in your business too and strengthen the bond between your business and customers.

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2-way SMS

Give your customers the possibility to interact

Customers want to communicate and interact with businesses directly. Two way SMS meets this wish. Let your customers respond to a survey, change appointments and more. Give your customers the possibility to communicate with you and respond to your SMS message.

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Integrate BulkGate SMS gateway into your business

Our SMS gateway allows you to connect with your customers the right way. You can reach them via their mobile phones by sending SMS messages that are personalized and straight-forward. The SMS channel has a remarkable impact on businesses of all sizes that use it worldwide. Use it to promote your business, send notifications, or have conversations with customers. Integrate our modern and reliable SMS gateway into your business and make it stand out.

Scale SMS messages

Send SMS campaigns counting hundred or millions of messages without worries. BulkGate is optimized to handle all your campaigns and always deliver on time.

Reach customers anywhere in the world

Send SMS to customers in over 200 countries and regions all over the world. BulkGate SMS gateway gives you the opportunity for growth without limitations.

Pay less for outstanding service

Enjoy sending messages from all our solutions and product for affordable prices. BulkGate is here for small and big businesses alike.

Multichannel communication

Enjoy multichannel communication

BulkGate can do more than just sending SMS messages and you can take advantage of it. Reach and interact with your customers on their favorite messaging apps like Viber and others. This gives you the possibility to be in touch with your audience within seconds and expand your business even further. So, start communicating with your customers via multiple messaging channels.

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Connect to BulkGate the way it suits you the most

Connect your application or software to our SMS gateway in a simple manner or use our web Portal.

Discover all-in-one web Portal

Run SMS campaigns, have control over your messaging activity, integrations and APIs, analyze campaign's impact, and much more. Do all these comfortably in our Portal.

Extend your application with SMS functionalities

Extend the functionality of your business application by adding the SMS channel. We offer a set of powerful APIs - SMPP, HTTP, and SMTP (Email to SMS).

Let your favorite platform send SMS messages

Integrate BulkGate SMS gateway and introduce the SMS channel to your favorite platform. You will increase your sales with better promotion of your products and sales.

Pay less for outstanding service

Enjoy sending bulk SMS campaigns and SMS notifications for affordable prices from all our solutions and products.

Do you have a mobile phone plan with free SMS messages that you want to use for communication with customers? Try BulkGate Mobile Connect.

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