Enrich your communication with Smart SMS

Promote your products and events better via Smart SMS. Smart SMS combines the speed and reliability of SMS message with beautiful design of your BulkGate business page. Your customers will be positively affected by richer content

Bulk SMS campaign
SPECIAL OFFER from YourGuitars! Hi John, get 30% discount on all our electric guitars now! Expires 12/14/17. Click here: http://ur7.co/1G
Make a big romantic gesture for your loved one on the Valentine’s Day. Buy her a big rose bouquet. Delivery is free of charge! Visit Flower Shop for more info. http://ur7.co/1G
Don’t miss this! Buy 1 board game at Toy Store, get 1 FREE. Become the greatest party host ever. Hurry up, we have only 1000 board games left. Click here: http://ur7.co/1G


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Smart SMS offer
Smart SMS offer
Smart SMS offer promoting a special valentine offer with a countdown timer
Smart SMS offer

How it works

1.Create a BulkGate business page

Create a BulkGate business page

2.Send an offer via bulk SMS

Send out many different offers via bulk SMS

3.Collect success

Collect success

Business page

2 clicks from creating a new environment for your company

  • arrow_forward Design your own business page on our SMS Portal within 3 minutes. Actually, design how many you want. For free
  • arrow_forward Personify your business page so it evokes positive emotions in your target audience. Add your logo, choose different color palettes, attach pictures and videos
  • arrow_forward Promote your products, services, events, and sales in a smart way


Let people know about your special offers they can't possibly miss

  • arrow_forward Your offers are accessible through a short URL link that is automatically inserted into your SMS message. See how to use BulkGate URL shortener
  • arrow_forward Encourage your customers to take advantage of the current offer before it expires and/or is out of the stock
  • arrow_forward Create as many great offers as you please, for free. The SMS price for Smart SMS campaign is the same as for the standard bulk SMS campaign
SMS message with a link
SPECIAL OFFER from YourGuitars! Hi Peter, get 30% discount on all our electric guitars now! Expires 12/14/2017. Click here: http://ur7.co/1G


Simple offers and orders administration

  • arrow_forward Have a complete overview about your ongoing offers
  • arrow_forward Manage all orders from one place
Browser window

Management of offers and orders


Be always aware of any change

  • arrow_forward Receive notifications after every new order via SMS or your e-mail
  • arrow_forward Your customer will also receive SMS notification after a successful order
Successful order notification
YourGuitars: A new order has been placed from John Doe. OFFER: Electric guitar ORDER: 21452 CREATED: 11/24/2017 PAYMENT: Credit card QUANTITIY: 1 PRICE: 250 USD YourGuitars: Thank you for your order. Your order #212452 has been successfully processed. We will inform you about any progress.


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