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Communicate more personally and cost-effectively with your customers using Viber Business messages.

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Why use Viber in your business communication?

1 300 000 000+ users worldwide communicate via Viber messaging app.

Viber Business messages cost about 50% less than SMS. Plus, you are charged for delivered messages only.

53% of customers are more likely to buy your products if they can contact you via a chat app.

97% of Viber’s business messages are opened within 3 minutes.

Viber Business account

Make your company stand out

Be in touch with your customers in their preferred environment and increase your brand awareness. Create verified business account with your company name and logo, and start sending personalized offers, notifications, or have 1-on-1 conversations.

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Viber rich messaging

Less limitations, richer communication

Stop modifying the content of your message to fit within the 160 character limit of a standard SMS. Viber for Business gives you the freedom to send a message with up to 1 000 characters, attach images, emojis, files, interactive buttons and links.

Viber for Business features
Viber security

Take advantage of a secure environment

Communicate with customers in an environment they can receive and share anything with you. All the one-time passwords, updates, alerts, and other business messaging activity is always end-to-end encrypted and GDPR compliant.

Viber backup with SMS

Ensure message delivery using backup SMS channel

Some of your customers may not be connected to the internet to receive your Viber Business message, or may not use Viber. To make sure everyone sees your message, you can set up automatic resending of undelivered Viber messages via the SMS channel using BulkGate.

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Measuring marketing efforts

Measure your marketing efforts

Viber allows you to see whether your messages were delivered, read, or failed to send. With our additional metrics, you have a complete overview of your marketing activity. No more thinking about what happened to your business messages.

How to start communicating using Viber Business messages

The minimum monthly spend required by Viber is €100, or €150 in some countries. Business messages sent above this are charged according to the actual spending rate.

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Enjoy the benefits of the partnership between Viber and BulkGate

Send business messages through a high-speed and stable direct connection to Viber at unbeatable prices.

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BulkGate solutions

Discover our Viber sending solutions

  • Send Viber messages online directly via our all-in-one web Portal. It has everything you need for effortless communication with your audience.
  • Connect your application to BulkGate via one of our APIs and extend its functionalities by adding the Viber for Business.
  • If you use one of the most widely used e-commerce, CRM or CMS platforms, then it is quite likely that we have an SMS extension or module for it. See our integrations.
The benefits of Viber for Business in mobile marketing

The benefits of Viber for Business in mobile marketing

Read about all the benefits Viber for Business brings to your business in our blog post 8 benefits of Viber Business messaging in mobile marketing.

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