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What is Viber's Business messaging?

With Viber for Business, you get more for less. It allows you to send promotions and notifications to your customers who are using the Viber app. This important channel of communication will improve your marketing strategy. It is cheaper than traditional SMS and allows you to do more with the message itself. So tap into a huge worldwide base counting over 1 billion users.

Key advantages of Viber messages

Rich content

Stop adjusting message content so it fits within 160 character limit of a standard SMS. With Viber, you can enjoy typing up to 1000 characters, attach images and buttons.

Branded Sender ID

Increase your brand awareness. Send promotional campaigns and notifications to your customers under your company name. Inform them about upcoming sales, send birthday wishes, reminders, and others.

Lower price

Reduce your marketing and promotional costs with Viber for Business. The price of a Viber message is much lower than of an SMS message. Plus, we charge you for delivered messages only.

Message personalization

Message personalization

Personalise the messages you send to your customers and use their name, for example. This will increase the likelihood of a purchase or other desirable action. You can also visualize the message on our Web Portal.

Message lifetime

Message lifetime

Set up the expiration time of a message. If a message fails to deliver to your customer, BulkGate will continue attempting to deliver the message until it expires.

SMS backup

SMS as a backup channel

Use SMS as a backup option. After Viber message expires, BulkGate resends undelivered messages via the SMS channel. This means all customers will see your message.

Benefit with Viber for Business

Nowadays, customers want to communicate with brands instantly and directly. Viber for Business meets this wish. Not only can you send rich content messages to your customers, but they can also respond to them and communicate with you. Viber Business messages, thus, provide them with an instant and interactive experience in their preferred environment. So add Viber for Business into your marketing strategy. Your brand will gain an advantage with its features and characteristics listed in the statistics below.

Incredible open-rate

Viber’s marketing campaigns and transactional messages have almost 100% open-rate.

Engaging message content

Generate interest in your products and promotions. Viber message can be over 6 times longer than an SMS. You can also add pictures and buttons to your message.

Amazing click-through rate

Send your customer a message with a call-to-action button that will lead to your website. Viber campaigns have up to a 50% click-through rate, so they are truly cost-effective.

BulkGate solutions

Discover our Viber sending solutions

  • Send Viber messages online directly via our all-in-one web Portal. It has everything you need for effortless communication with your audience.
  • Connect your application to BulkGate via one of our APIs and extend its functionalities by adding the Viber channel.
  • If you use one of the most widely used e-commerce, CRM or CMS platforms, then it is quite likely that we have an SMS extension or module for it. See our integrations.

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