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Reach your customers and clients anywhere in the world. Add SMS messages to your marketing strategy and discover the power of the SMS channel in your business.

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Bulk SMS

Spread your message via bulk SMS

Become a successful business in the way you promote. Bulk messaging gives you the opportunity to reach large audiences quickly and cost-efficiently. It enables you to let your customers and clients know about the latest offers, events, and sales they can’t miss. SMS marketing attracts attention and engages the audience better than email marketing. This leads to a stunning impact on the sales of companies that adopt it. Let your business grow with bulk SMS too.

Examples of using Bulk SMS

Benefits of bulk SMS campaigns

Boost your marketing communication with personalized and targeted bulk SMS campaigns. Take advantage of some of the main benefits of the SMS channel.

High open-rate

Meet one of the best marketing tools to reach your customers. SMS messages have an incredible open rate of up to 98%. That means that your audience will read your message.

High click-through rate

Include a short link in your bulk SMS and enjoy a remarkable click-through rate. Up to 45% of SMS recipients click on a link that leads them to special offers, sales, and others.

High scalability

Send campaigns counting hundred or millions of messages. Bulk messaging enables you to reach all your customers fast and cheap.

BulkGate solutions

Discover our SMS sending solutions

Send bulk SMS campaigns from a solution that suits your business the most. We have several options on how you can connect to our bulk SMS gateway and start communicating.

  • Send bulk SMS online directly via our all-in-one web Portal. It has everything you need for effortless communication with your audience.
  • Connect your application to BulkGate via one of our SMS APIs and extend its functionalities by adding the SMS channel.
  • If you use one of the most widely used e-commerce, CRM or CMS platforms, then it is quite likely that we have an SMS extension or module for it. See our integrations.
Smart SMS

Enrich your bulk SMS campaign

Using bulk SMS is a great way of engaging your customers and promoting your business. But you can take it even further now with our Business Pages. Get your customers to your beautiful landing page and increase the ROI of your bulk campaign even more. Business Page is a place where you sell services and products. Plus, you are not bound by 160 characters of an SMS message.

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Pay less for outstanding service

Enjoy sending bulk SMS messages for affordable prices from all our solutions and products. With our bulk SMS gateway, you pay only for SMS messages you send. There are no monthly fees or minimum payments. BulkGate is here for small and big businesses alike.

Do you have a mobile phone plan with free SMS messages that you want to use for communication with customers? Try BulkGate Mobile Connect.

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