Interact with your target audience through 2 way SMS

Get new knowledge from first hand via simple and efficient two-way communication.

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Chat with your customers via 2 way SMS

Build a friendly bond with your customers and they will come back to you again, and again.

Remind them of their appointments

Improve your customer care by reminding your customers about their upcoming appointments. Your business will benefit enormously from your customers’ convenience.

Create surveys, polls & contests.

Ask your customers for their opinions and engage them in contests. It will pay off.

2 way SMS

  • Have a conversation with your customers, let them influence you
  • Your customers do matter, so create a tight connection with them
  • Choose the right sender type, send bulk SMS campaign to your customers, engage them, and receive their reactions
  • Create interactive campaigns and improve your strategy based on the opinions of your customers

Pay less for outstanding service

Enjoy sending 2 way SMS for affordable prices from all our solutions and products. With our SMS gateway, you pay only for SMS messages you send. There are no monthly fees or minimum payments. BulkGate is here for small and big businesses alike.

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