Leverage on simple yet powerful BulkGate SMS API

Connect your solution to BulkGate SMS gateway through any of our SMS API and start communicating with the whole world

BulkGate SMS API

  • done Integrate and start communicating with your target audience in no time via our SMS APIs
  • done Implement SMS feature easily into your project and use advanced features
  • done Easy API administration on our SMS Portal

How it works

Connect your solution to our SMS Gateway through our intuitive and flexible SMS APIs and open yourself the door of effective communication

Diagram of linking BulkGate SMS gateway with your solution via SMS API
  • Your solution

  • BulkGate SMS GATEWAY

  • Your target audience

Choose the right SMS API for your project

compare_arrows HTTP API

  • arrow_forwardSuitable for any type of project, even highly complex ones
  • arrow_forward Be charmed by its simplicity of implementation
  • arrow_forwardChoose from 4 HTTP APIs

See our HTTP APIs

mail_outline SMTP API (Email to SMS)

  • arrow_forward Enable your e-mail to send SMS messages
  • arrow_forward Implement simply
  • arrow_forward See how to set up and send SMS messages easily via email on our helpdesk

Read the DOCS

device_hub SMPP

  • arrow_forward Use the industry standard to send messages
  • arrow_forward Our powerful SMPP API handles extreme volumes of text messages efficiently
  • arrow_forward Highest throughput

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