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Campaign review

Sending of promotional campaigns made simple

Meet your future favorite campaign builder that is tailored to you in every way. It guides you from importing contacts, writing a message, to a summary. Every step is simple and straightforward. Build your campaigns within a few clicks from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Campaign dashboard

Analyze and understand your campaigns better

Find out how successful your campaign was. BulkGate Portal has plenty of easy to understand metrics that help you see what strong and weak sides of your campaign were. So, create your first Bulk SMS campaign or Broadcast and let our Portal analyze it.

Web Portal API and modules

Manage all your modules & APIs from one place

BulkGate Portal provides you with a simple API and module administration. You can easily create and activate one or more of our products and start using them instantly. Control and keep track of all your integrations and APIs in one place.

Web Portal address book

Keep all contacts in one place

Import your contacts only once and save them in your address book. You don’t have to do it every single time from scratch. The address book is your time saver as you see all your contacts there. You can put them into groups for campaign use, manage them or send them a message.

Business Page

Create eye-catching Business Pages

BulkGate Portal allows you to create stunning Business Pages that grab attention. Use them to promote the products you sell, services, or interesting offers your customers can’t miss. So, create and stylize your first Business Page, and send an offer to your customers via Smart SMS.

URL shortener

Get more out of your message

Save precious characters for something else than a long link and get more out of your message. Our URL shortener helps you shorten your links and provide you with more valuable statistics on the campaign dashboard.

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