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CartSMS module description

Create new opportunities with our SMS module for OpenCart and improve your sales, customer relationships and your overview of your online store. These can be achieved because of the following capabilities of the SMS module.

CartSMS allows you to send automated & personalized SMS notifications to your customers to increase their convenience and satisfaction. You can activate and change the text of different templates that will send SMS to your customer whenever something happens, such as when a payment is approved. Create bulk SMS campaigns to promote your products and sales efficiently. SMS messages have a high open-rate which makes it a powerful marketing tool. Receive SMS alerts whenever something happens in your store, such as when a product is out of stock or a new order is placed. Activate one or more admins to receive notifications so nothing slips through the cracks.

Take a look at some of the neat CartSMS features on its website. New features are coming soon!

CartSMS module is completely for free. You only pay for SMS messages that you send. So check out our pricing to see prices in your country or countries where your customers are situated. BulkGate operates in over 200 countries and regions all around the globe. This worldwide coverage allows our clients to grow their online store anywhere in the world. This advantage is shared with our other integrations and SMS APIs too.

The installation of the SMS module is really simple. To send messages you need to have your BulkGate account. It is because the CartSMS module is dependent on our BulkGate SMS gateway. Follow the installation guide on our helpdesk if you run into any problem. You can also use our helpdesk to get additional information about the module features or our BulkGate SMS gateway and its solutions.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a free, open-source e-commerce platform with standard built-in features that are great for small and medium-sized online businesses. It offers over 13 000 modules that help you customize and expand the capabilities of the standard version of your store. Our SMS module for OpenCart does that too as it is for free and enables you to communicate with your customers and have an additional overview.


Download SMS module for OpenCart

Download CartSMS module