FAPI SMS integration

Integrate FAPI with BulkGate and start sending your customers automatic messages about the status of their shipment, gift vouchers or invoice due reminders.

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What can FAPI SMS integration do?

Send SMS notifications to your customers when an order is received or paid.

Take advantage of URL shortener and send direct links to your electronic products.

Reward your clients with gift vouchers and discount codes.

Send automatic reminder SMS and keep an eye on invoice due dates.

What is FAPI?

FAPI is an application for online sales via an order form. It's the easiest way to sell on the internet effortlessly. FAPI takes care of the entire order: it redirects customers to the payment gateway, records the payment, issues and sends the invoice and possibly the electronic product itself (e-book, online course, webinar). And it will also recommend other products directly, thus increasing the value of the order. You can then just count your profits with the help of clear statistics.

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How FAPI SMS integration works

To send SMS notification messages from FAPI, you need your own BulkGate account. Take advantage of the global coverage of our SMS gateway and send messages to your contacts almost anywhere. Check out our price list to see the prices in the country you want to send messages to. At the same time, you have no mandatory monthly fees or minimum fulfillment. You only pay for the messages you send.

See how to activate modules and APIs in our Portal on the Helpdesk.

Main functions of FAPI

  • Increase your sales by up to 30% by upselling - FAPI will recommend additional products to your customers directly.
  • Reward your loyal clients or attract new ones with gift vouchers and discount codes.
  • Sell your online courses, e-books, and other electronic products through your website's locked content or members section.
  • Keep track of how much you´re earning with clear statistics.

FAPI SMS integration is supported and maintained by a third party


Technical support

Something is not working or you need to extend the functionality? Contact the module developer FAPI.

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