HelloClient SMS module

Extend the capabilities of HelloClient application by adding SMS functionalities.

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Description of the HelloClient SMS module

HelloClient SMS module will allow you to send automatized and personalized SMS notifications directly from the HelloClient application. Create SMS templates for different events that happen in your service. HelloClient SMS module will automatically send an SMS notification to your customers whenever such an event occurs, such as a new order or a booking. Additionally, you can send individual SMS messages to your clients from tickets/appointments as well.

In order to successfully send messages from this SMS integration, you need your own BulkGate account as this integration is dependent on BulkGate. BulkGate operates in over 200 countries and regions all over the world. You can take advantage of this worldwide coverage and send texts to your contacts almost anywhere. Take a look at our price list to see the prices in a country where you want to send messages to.

What is HelloClient?

HelloClient is a booking software. It is specially crafted for repair shops, barbershops, SPAs and other booking services. You can manage your appointments from Facebook, Instagram or your website using the HelloClient software.

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Features of the HelloClient SMS module

  • Create SMS templates for different events
  • Send automatized and personalized SMS notifications with short code, system number, own number or present yourself as a company with text sender
  • Send individual SMS messages
  • Access the history of sent SMS messages

HelloClient SMS module is supported and maintained by a third party


Technical support

Something is not working or you need to extend the functionality? Contact the module developer HelloClient.

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