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Description of ITelligent SMS module

The ITelligent SMS module is an advanced automated messaging solution that is your go-to for customer communications. Operating based on order status or automated SMS campaigns, it gives you the flexibility to tailor your messages to each unique situation. Whether you need to notify customers about their order status or want to run personalized promotions, this module allows you to do it all. It's customizable according to customer data, further enhancing your communication efforts. Simplify and boost your communication strategies by integrating this powerful tool with your ITelligent e-commerce platform.

How the ITelligent SMS integration works?

To send SMS notifications via ITelligent, you'll need your own BulkGate account. There are no mandatory monthly fees or minimum requirements—you only pay for the messages you send. Please review our price list to understand the costs in the country you're sending messages to.

What is ITelligent e-commerce?

ITelligent is an easy-to-manage online store platform that allows for efficient order management through its automated system. Users can quickly add products, photos, categories, and promotions, with unlimited product functionality across versions. ITelligent offers turnkey online store creation, with standard and customizable features tailored to client needs, including payment and delivery system integration, as well as personalized design and branding options.

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Features and Functions of ITelligent SMS module

  • Automated SMS Notifications: Send SMS notifications automatically based on the status of the order.
  • Direct SMS sending from the order panel: Execute direct messaging from the order editing panel to ensure timely communication.
  • Customizable messages: All SMS can be tailored according to specific order data, allowing you to personalize your interactions with customers.
  • Personalized SMS campaigns: With ITelligent SMS module, create unique, tailored SMS campaigns that resonate with your customers and promote your products.
  • Automated campaign creation: Allow the system to create campaigns for you, saving you time and effort while ensuring effective reach and engagement.

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