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Install MageSMS to your Magento store and take it to the next level.

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MageSMS module description

Extend the capabilities of your Magento store with the new generation MageSMS module. It will help you increase your sales, improve customer relationships and satisfaction, and stay informed.

MageSMS is a powerful marketing tool. It enables you to send automated and personalized SMS notifications to your customers to increase their convenience and satisfaction. Activate and change the text of different templates that will send SMS to your customer. You can, for example, activate a template that notifies your customer when the package is sent and many others. Create a bulk SMS campaign to promote your products and sales efficiently. You can even shorten long SMS message into 1 SMS. Receive SMS alerts whenever something happens in your store, such as when a product is out of stock or a new order is placed. One or more admins can receive notifications so nothing slips through the cracks.

See some of the MageSMS features on its website.

MageSMS module is completely for free. You only pay for the messages you send. Look at our pricing to see prices in your country or countries where your customers are situated. BulkGate operates in over 200 countries and regions all around the globe. Your Magento store can, therefore, grow anywhere in the world with the MageSMS module.

The installation of the SMS module is really simple. To send messages you need to have your BulkGate account. It is because the MageSMS module is dependent on BulkGate. Follow the installation guide on our helpdesk if you run into any problem. You can also use our helpdesk to get additional information about the module features or other BulkGate solutions & features.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that is for free. It is currently one of the leading e-commerce solutions as it offers a comprehensive suite of tools to its customers. However, as it is with other e-commerce platforms, Magento has some missing functionalities as well. Nevertheless, you can find many extensions that can fill these holes. Our MageSMS module fills the hole of communication with customers in the form of sending notifications, promotions, 2-way communication and more.


Download SMS module for Magento

Download MageSMS module