BulkGate SMS module for thirty bees

Integrate BulkGate module with thirty bees e-commerce platform and take your store to another level

Thirty bees SMS module description

Extend the capabilities of your thirty bees store and create new opportunities for your business with BulkGate. BulkGate SMS module for thirty bees helps you improve customer relationship, increase sales and provide you with all the important information about orders and campaigns. You can send and receive notifications, advertise your products and offers, communicate with your customers directly and much more. Read about features below.

The module is completely for free. The only thing you pay for are SMS messages that are sent via BulkGate module. See our price list to get an overview of our prices in your country or countries where you have customers. But don't worry, our prices are great all around the globe. That brings us to the question of where you can use this module. We currently operate in over 200 countries and regions around the world. Thanks to our global coverage, you can really grow your business anywhere.

The installation is really simple. Follow our installation guide on our helpdesk and you won't get lost. You can find many other valuable information that can help you use this thirty bees SMS module more efficiently.

What is thirty bees?

Thirty bees is a free e-commerce platform that aims to provide rich and stable environment to grow e-commerce stores all around the world. It is an open-source fork of PrestaShop 1.6 with the intention to provide better software package than its competitors with features that merchants need. This intention includes innovative solutions such as better SEO features, enhancements for speed, modernized underlying libraries and others that help you sell products better.

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Some of the thirty bees SMS module features

Customer SMS & Admin SMS

  • Notify your customers about their order status via personalized SMS notification. It will make them happy and deepen the relationship with you
  • Stay informed about everything that's happening in your store. Receive SMS alerts whenever an order is placed, canceled, product is out of stock and much more
  • Activate/deactivate SMS message templates for any situation that occurs during the order process, and adjust the text
  • Activate one or more admins for any message template you activate. You can easily delegate work to others
  • Create your own custom notifications with the use of custom hooks
  • Adjust multilingual SMS templates. This will help you notify customers in their native language, or the language of the visited store
  • Automatic number conversion of your customer mobile number to an international format

SMS campaigns & target marketing

  • Send personalized bulk SMS to your customers. Show them that you know them. They will appreciate it
  • Filter your customers according to various criteria to target your next campaign. Inform your customers about products or services they might be interested in, send them discount coupons etc.
  • Send your SMS campaigns under your company name so your customers recognize you, or choose different sender type
  • Use our URL shortener to shorten your links and get more out of your message
  • Import contacts to your marketing campaigns via multiple methods. Use CSV/Excel, vCard, enter numbers manually or use your thirty bees store database
  • Test your campaign before you send it to avoid any mistake your customers won't tolerate
  • DND (Do not Disturb) solution for India and other countries (NDNC registry)

2-way communication

  • Interact with your customers directly. Two-way messaging with customers is crucial nowadays as customers don't only want to receive information but also text you back

Records & statistics

  • Have a complete overview of messaging activities in the store
  • See what impact your SMS marketing campaigns have

API & custom hooks

  • Use Simple API to add additional functions to your thirty bees store
  • Create your own admin/customer SMS notification with custom hooks

Affiliate program

  • If you are a developer, or if you want to bring new customers to BulkGate, you will enjoy our affiliate program. You can earn 5-20% on every SMS message your client sends via this SMS module or other integrations, SMS APIs, our Portal or your product

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