vTiger SMS integration

Integrate our SMS gateway into vTiger CRM and open yourself up a new channel to communicate with your customers.

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BulkGate SMS integration for vTiger

You can now expand vTiger CRM with our SMS module that helps you communicate with your customers efficiently.

With this vTiger SMS integration you will improve customer relationship as your customers are happy when they are notified about things that matter to them. However, this module is only for SMS notifications so you cannot communicate across your departments with your team members. If you want to do that, read below.

{name} integration with vTiger

This integration is simple to set up and is completely for free. You only pay for sent SMS messages. Check out our great SMS prices to know how much you will pay in your country.

Visit our helpdesk to see how to integrate BulkGate SMS integration to vTiger CRM and start enjoying the benefits of SMS communication.

What is vTiger CRM?

vTiger is one of the most popular open-source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that gives you the opportunity to adjust the system to your needs. It has added tools in its core that help companies increase sales growth, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and improve marketing ROI (Return on Investment). This can be done by streamlining processes across your entire organization.


It starts with efficiently storing customer information and records such as contact information, notes, deals, and other valuable data, and subsequently organizing this information to give you a complete picture of your customers. This complete picture is then shared across your marketing, sales and support departments to provide insights for the decision-making process.

With vTiger CRM you can also manage calendars and projects, automate tasks and communicate with your customers. That is where this vTiger SMS integration steps into the game.

Other ways to integrate vTiger with BulkGate

You can also integrate BulkGate with vTiger by using Make and Zapier automation platforms. With these two platforms you will be able to create more complex integration scenarios, as well as use bulk SMS messages to communicate with your teams within your company. So not only does this mean that you can still engage your customers with notifications, but that you can also let your teams know about important information and upcoming events automatically without the need to check the CRM. This is a great way how your company can become even more efficient and focused on tasks that are really important.

See how to integrate vTiger SMS module

Integrate vTiger SMS module