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Minimal monthly commitment for American Samoa


The company Viber requires a minimum amount that your company must spend on Viber messages per month. The minimum commitment is in the form of a prepaid credit and can be used in multiple countries at the same time. For more information about Viber's minimum monthly commitment, visit our helpdesk.





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Benefits of sending Viber messages with BulkGate

Huge user base

More than 1,3 billion Viber users worldwide.

Cheaper than SMS

Viber for Business messages are approximately 50% cheaper than SMS.

Secure environment

Viber messages are end-to-end encrypted and GDPR compliant.

Rich messaging

1000 characters, images, files, emojis, buttons and links.

Fair payment

You only pay for delivered messages.

SMS as a backup

Posibility to resend undelivered Viber messages via a backup SMS channel.


  • What are Viber's policies?
    If you plan to send transactional (informational or notification) messages to the countries listed above, i.e. Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, your messages must use Viber-approved and required templates. Read more.
  • How to register Viber Sender ID?
    To register new Viber sender, we need you to fill in your business details, send us an example of a sample message, your logo and fill in and return the forms that can be downloaded from our helpdesk. Read more.
  • What are the terms and conditions of Viber Business?
    Each messaging service is priced differently and prices may vary seasonally. While BulkGate does not charge a monthly fee for Viber service, Viber does require individual customers to spend at least the minimum amount per month. Read more.
  • What is the minimal monthly spending fee?
    For Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iraq, Moldova, Russia, Greece and Ukraine it is set at €150 per month. For all other countries it is €100 per month. Read more.
  • How to pause and reactivate Viber sender?
    Your Viber Business sender can be deactivated up to three times a year, otherwise it can be blocked. BulkGate may charge a fee of € 25 to reactivate the sender. Read more.