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Create an account and start a powerful SMS marketing campaign with only 3 steps. All this can be done from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

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Have a complete overview, measure the impact of your SMS campaigns, improve.

Selection methods

Contacts selection

  • Select your campaign recipients’ from address book, CSV/Excel file, vCard file or enter recipient‘s number manually.
  • Select contacts from Store If you have one of our new generation plugins activated.
Function selection
Import contacts via Address book, CSV/Excel, vCard and Enter number method

Contacts import

  • Use CSV/Excel or vCard files to simply import and work with your contacts.
  • Assign a function to every column so we understand your data the same way you do. BulkGate SMS Portal adapts to you, not the other way around.
  • Filter your contacts simply according to selected criteria.
Message personalization in SMS campaign
Message personalization for SMS campaign

Message personalization

  • Create higher attention and interest in your bulk SMS message by personalizing your message.
  • Use a name, email or other personalization variable in your messaging campaigns.
  • Personalize your offers in Smart SMS campaigns.
Creating short URL
Creating short URL

URL shortener

  • Save your precious characters for something else than a long link. Use our URL shortener and get more out of your SMS message.
  • Simplify any web address you want. Your recipients will be redirected to the required page.
  • Short URL links are easier to remember, enter and share.
SMS campaign review
Reviewing and testing SMS campaign

Campaign review

  • Test out your bulk SMS campaign first before you send it to thousands of people. One mistake can harm your image. BulkGate Portal helps you avoid mistakes.
  • Have an overview of how many valid recipients will receive your bulk SMS campaign.
  • Keep track of your SMS marketing campaign expenses. See our SMS pricing first and calculate your next SMS campaign.
SMS Campaign dashboard
Working with campaign dashboard

SMS Campaign dashboard

  • See how your campaign was successful. Analyze campaigns with a complete set of easy-to-understand metrics.
  • See your recipients’ responses to your campaign in the inbox. Read more about two-way SMS messaging.
  • Read more about the new campaign dashboard in our blog post.

Few among many great features of BulkGate SMS Portal

smsBulk SMS
notificationsSMS notification
content_cutURL shortener
compare_arrowsTwo way SMS
scheduleSchedule SMS
flash_onFlash SMS
person_pinSMS personalization
border_colorLong messages
pie_chartReports and statistics
feedbackSMS sending restrictions
businessBusiness Page
remove_circle_outlineRemove SMS duplicates
import_contactsAddressbook + import
languageGlobal reach

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