Blahasoft SMS integration

Use the Blahasoft app that connects Pohoda and Balíkobot. Notify your customers of orders sent via SMS

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Description of the Blahasoft SMS integration

The Blahasoft application solves the connection of Pohoda to the Balíkobot system. It allows you to solve the printing of labels, checking the status of the shipment, automation of shipping processes and much more. This application uses the services of BulkGate SMS gateway and your e-shop can additionally inform your customers about the shipments sent.

In order to send SMS messages to your customers from Blahasoft about the status of their orders, you need your own BulkGate account. Take advantage of this worldwide coverage and send messages to your contacts almost anywhere. Check out our pricing to see the prices in the country you want to send messages to.

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What is Blahasoft?

Blahasoft is the largest online accounting and business software store that specializes primarily in medium and small businesses and freelancers.


Blahasoft SMS integration is supported and maintained by a third party


Technical support

Something is not working or you need to extend the functionality? Contact the module developer BlahaSoft.

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More about the Blahasoft integration

More about the integration