Examples of using bulk SMS

Use bulk SMS campaigns to your advantage. Be in a touch with people through their mobile phone via BulkGate SMS gateway.

Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS has many other use cases and examples, and it can be used in any industry. Take advantage of bulk messaging too. Start today with our bulk SMS gateway. Check out our helpdesk and see how to create and send bulk campaign on our SMS Portal. See how to integrate API into your system so you can send bulk messages campaigns today!

Reach thousands of people with personalized SMS campaigns within a few minutes.

Attract people’s attention. Bulk messages are highly effective producing click-through rate up to 45%.

Almost everyone opens text messages, and 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes.

Bulk SMS for ecommerce

  • Promote your products efficiently. Send personalized and targeted bulk SMS campaigns and increase sales! SMS marketing is superior to email marketing as it attracts your customer better and produces higher open rates
  • Send SMS coupons to your customers and see the impact of your SMS campaign right away!
  • Shorten your links with our URL shortener. Make it easier for your customers to remember and share your great offers

Bulk SMS for finance & insurance

  • Send your clients offers they can’t possibly miss. Use bulk SMS campaigns to promote financial and insurance packages
  • Benefit from spreading your message to thousands of people at once in an efficient way. SMS campaigns are cost effective and bulk text message is the right tool to disseminate your message
  • Evoke positive emotions with your message and get new clients. Use different variables for message personalization in your promotional SMS to give the personal touch to your offer

Bulk SMS for restaurants & accommodations

  • Promote new dishes in your menu and send out bulk messages about special events and weekly promotions. Let your customers influence your menu. Engage your customers and use 2-way SMS to see what they want eat
  • Make the accommodation and traveling experience unforgettable. Tell your customers what is happening around you and send them warm messages about their stay. They will come back to you
  • Let your promotion stand out. Use personalized & targeted bulk SMS campaign so it gets the attention it deserves. Nowadays, customers are exposed to tons of promotions everywhere. Bulk messaging has a great advantage as the information is delivered directly to your customers

Bulk SMS for education

  • Send personalized & targeted bulk text messages to students about exam results, enrollments, events and others
  • Increase efficiency of your school. You can easily and cheaply send bulk messages to anyone in 3 steps. You save time and money with bulk messaging
  • Deliver important messages to parents, teachers and students immediately and reliably. You can reach thousands of people instantly with high delivery rates

Bulk SMS for human resources

  • Send important announcements instantly to all or selected employees. Let them know about upcoming gatherings, meetings and events
  • Make sure job candidates and job seekers receive updates about their applications and newly-opened job positions. Recruiting is faster and better with bulk SMS messaging, resulting in saved resources
  • Communicate with employees directly. Engage with employees and send them surveys via two-way SMS to get valuable feedback about their needs and wants. Improve the company culture

Pay less for outstanding service

Enjoy sending bulk SMS messages for affordable prices from all our solutions and products. With our bulk SMS gateway, you pay only for SMS messages you send. There are no monthly fees or minimum payments. BulkGate is here for small and big businesses alike.

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