Choose one of our HTTP API and start communicating with the world from your application.

HTTP SMS API features

Simple implementation to your system

High speed SMS delivery

Simple administration on BulkGate SMS Portal


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HTTP Advanced API

  • HTTP API with many extra features you will appreciate
  • Take full advantage of SMS messaging
  • Suitable for more complex projects that put higher demands on the SMS gateway
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  • The complete package for fast integration to PHP projects
  • Built-in support for Nette framework
  • Simplify your work. Integrate the SMS gateway quickly and easily into your PHP projects
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Features comparison of our HTTP SMS APIs

Feature Simple API Advanced API PHP/Nette SDK
POST method support done done done
GET method support done clear clear
Sending SMS notifications done done done
Sending bulk SMS done done done
Credit balance check done done clear
Schedule SMS sending done done done
Long SMS support done done done
Delivery report via web hook (http PUSH) done done done
Inbox (accepted SMS) via web hook (http PUSH) done done done
Unicode SMS done done done
Flash SMS done done done
Sending SMS to contacts from group in the address book clear done clear
SMS personalization through variables (templating) clear done done
Support for various message text for bulk SMS clear done done
Support for numbers in national format done done done
Verification of phone number format correctness before sending clear clear done
Quick set up of sender type done done done
Support for BulkGate sender ID profiles done done done
Sender type configuration according to countries clear clear done
Compress request when sending clear clear done
Integration to Nette framework clear clear done