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Benefits of sending SMS messages with BulkGate


Pay only for SMS messages sent. No monthly fees or minimum fulfilment.

Volume discount

Purchase more and save money on every SMS message you send.

Credit validity

Enjoy the unlimited validity of credits you purchased from us.

 The validity of the credit is unlimited only if the user uses the BulkGate Portal in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Detailed analytics

Analyze the impact of your campaigns and improve your communication strategy.

Free access

Free access to SMS portal, all its APIs and integrations.

Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable SMS delivery to your customers.


  • How to sign up to BulkGate?
    To register, go to the portal, fill in your login data (email, password), your personal data including your phone number (which you can verify with a 6-digit verification code). Agree to the processing of personal data and terms and conditions. Confirm your email address by clicking on the activation link in the email you received from us. Read more.
  • How to register a text sender ID?
    To register as a text sender, please contact us via the contact form. Please select Sender ID Registration as the subject. Next, select the country for which you want to register the text sender. Read more.
  • How to top up credit?
    You can top up your credit either via Payments (Top up credit) or Pricelist (top right button appears). Read more.
  • What is the validity of your credit?
    Your credit is permanent and cannot expire. The only reason for forfeiture is a violation of our terms and conditions, but we will always notify you in advance. Reasons for forfeiting your credit may include misuse of our services for spamming, phishing, etc.
  • How to create a new wallet?
    To create a wallet, click on Wallets and the Add wallet button will appear on the top right. Read more.
  • How to manage Sender ID?
    To better work with senders, you can create sender profiles where you can set, delete, or rename sender types for different countries. Read more.
  • How to create SMS campaign?
    Select SMS and Viber, go to Create Campaign, select a set of channels and enter a name. Read more.