Extend your ecommerce with BulkGate SMS plugin

Integrate BulkGate SMS gateway functions into your ecommerce platform. Create new opportunities for your business with SMS plugin.

SMS plugins for ecommerce

Following platforms have extensions that have BulkGate SMS gateway in their heart ❤️

PrestaShop SMS module
WooCommerce SMS plugin
Shoptet SMS add-on
OpenCart SMS module
Magento SMS module
osCommerce SMS module
ZenCart SMS module
thirty bees SMS module

BulkGate SMS plugins

Integrate BulkGate plugins into your system or platform and extend its capabilities.

Use our plugins for effective targeted SMS marketing campaigns and to simply notify your customers.

Integration is simple. Everyone can do it within a few minutes.

WooSMS plugin dashboard

SMS plugin features

  • Run in an environment that has all the functionalities and beautiful design as Web Portal.
  • Create SMS campaigns, personalize your messages, send automatic SMS notification, see all the statistics, use URL shortener, and many other functions, the same way you do it on BulkGate SMS Portal.
  • Don’t go anywhere else. All you need is in one place, your plugin.
Customer SMS notification message template

Customer SMS notification

  • Nothing makes your customers happier than delivering products they want and knowing everything about the order status.
  • Activate different message templates for different situations that occur. The plugin then sends automatic SMS notification to your customers whenever an order status is updated.
  • Personalize your SMS notifications to improve customer relationship.
Admin SMS notification message template

Admin SMS notification

  • Receive SMS notifications whenever a new order is placed, cancelled, product is out of stock, or other action occurs. It is up to you which templates you activate.
  • Activate multiple admin accounts, so nothing will slip through the cracks.
  • Choose from different sender types for both admin and customer SMS.

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