BulkGate SMS plugin for WooCommerce

With our plugin, you can notify your customers about all stages of their orders, promote your products in a targeted and personalized way, have 2-way communication, and much more. All through SMS and Viber channels.

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Why use the BulkGate SMS plugin for WooCommerce?

Inform your customers about their order status and your new products using SMS and Viber channels.

Use SMS channel together with Viber and save money on your business communication.

Communicate with your customers in over 200 countries and regions.

The plugin is for free. You pay only for the SMS and Viber messages you send.

WooCommerce customer notification

Notify customers. Make them loyal

Send automatic and personalized notifications to your customers about the status of their orders. Sending regular updates makes customers happy, and happy customers become loyal to your business.

Customer notification features
WooCommerce bulk messaging

Generate interest, increase sales

Promote your products and services better using bulk SMS and Viber campaigns, and let your customers know you have something they want. By sending target campaigns with personalized content, you increase sales and have a high return on investment.

Bulk messaging features
WooCommerce administrator notification

Receive notifications, stay updated!

You and other admins can receive notifications about new orders, cancellations, out-of-stock items, or if something else happens. This way, you will stay updated and one step ahead of any problem that could arise in your WooCommerce store.

Admin notification features
Viber for Business for WooCommerce

Use Viber for Business and save money

Create a verified Viber Business account with BulkGate and start using Viber Business messages alone or together with SMS. Not only are Viber messages approximately 50% cheaper than SMS, but you can also type up 1000 characters, attach images, files, emojis, and buttons.

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Main features of the SMS plugin for WooCommerce

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