Examples of using SMS notification

Your customers are what matters most. So send them SMS notifications via BulkGate SMS gateway.

SMS notifications

SMS notification (transactional SMS) has many use cases and examples, and it can be used in any industry. Take advantage of transactional SMS messages too. Start today with our SMS gateway. Check out our helpdesk and see how to integrate our APIs into your system or send them via our SMS Portal.

Provide valuable information and updates to your customers that will increase their convenience.

Improve customer relationship and increase customer loyalty. Do the right thing and use SMS notification in your business.

Send personalized & automated SMS alerts to your customers, employees, and others, and advance their satisfaction. They will come back to you.

SMS notification for ecommerce

  • Notify your customers about order status change via personalized & automated SMS notifications
  • Make your customers happy and notify them so they know their order is taken care of
  • Check out our SMS plugins for ecommerce. You can send SMS notifications, receive SMS alerts with other admins, create custom notifications and much more!

SMS notification for finance & insurance

  • Connect your system to our SMS gateway via our robust SMS API and start sending one-time passwords (OTP), balance and transfer requests, insufficient fund alerts and others
  • Understand your business more thanks to your clients. Send them automatic messages and let them rate you or share their opinion with you after you dealt with them. Deepen customer relationship and customer loyalty
  • Remind your clients about upcoming appointments, application updates, policy updates

SMS notification for restaurants & accommodation

  • Instantly confirm your customers’ table reservations. Remind your customers about their reservations and give them an option to cancel if they can’t come, so you could use the table for somebody else. You save money with SMS notifications
  • Make sure you confirm bookings of your customers as it helps them to ease a little bit more as their request is approved. Notify them via SMS notification about any detail they need to know upon their arrival such as where to find you, when is the check-in and what is the Wi-Fi password
  • SMS alerts are delivered fast and reliably via our SMS gateway ensuring the highest standard on the market

SMS notification for transportation services

  • Give your customers updates about packages you deliver to them. Let them know when to expect their packages and they will be more satisfied with your services
  • Inform businesses about successful receipt of the shipment by their customer
  • Integrate our powerful SMS APIs into your system and start informing your customers today. It is super simple, just check our helpdesk

SMS notification for healthcare, beauty & fitness

  • Notify your customers about bookings, upcoming appointments, their membership expirations and others via personalized and automated SMS alerts
  • Let your customers notify you back via Two-way SMS. Two-way SMS improves customer relationship and gives you valuable feedback that your business will benefit from
  • Transactional SMS messages have very high delivery rates as they have the priority over bulk SMS to reach your customers

Pay less for outstanding service

Enjoy sending SMS notifications for affordable prices from all our solutions and products. With our SMS gateway, you pay only for SMS messages you send. There are no monthly fees or minimum payments. BulkGate is here for small and big businesses alike.

Do you have a mobile phone plan with free SMS messages that you want to use for communication with customers? Try BulkGate Mobile Connect.

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