Features of SMS plugins and modules

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Customer and admin notifications

Customer & admin Viber and SMS notifications

Send automatic and personalized notifications to your customers about the status of their orders. You and other admins can also receive notifications about new orders, cancellations, out-of-stock items, or if something else happens.

Notification templates

Use different notification templates for Customer SMS and Admin SMS notifications:

  • Pending payment
  • Processing
  • On hold
  • Completed
  • New order created
  • Backorder notification
  • Canceled
  • Refunded
  • Failed
  • Customer successfully creates an account
  • Product is out of stock (admin SMS only)

Templates customization

Adjust the text for customer and admin SMS and Viber notification templates. You can use many different variables such in the template such as:

  • Customer name
  • Ordered products
  • Your store name, and many others

Template activation

Activate or deactivate any template for customer and admin notifications.

Custom notification template

Create and add a custom-made customer and admin notification template by using custom hooks.

Automatic order status recognition

Once you create a custom order status template, it will be automatically recognized and added to the list.

Multilingual templates

Do you have a multilingual e-shop? You can adjust the notification templates and send messages to your customers in the same language they visited your store in.

Automatic numbers conversion

All the customers' mobile numbers are automatically converted to an international format.

Admin activation

Activate one or more admins for each notification template (event). This way, you will always stay updated and one step ahead of any problem that could arise in your e-shop.

Bulk SMS and Viber Business

Bulk SMS and Viber campaigns

Promote your products and services better using bulk SMS and Viber campaigns, and let your customers know you have something they want. By sending target campaigns with personalized content, you increase sales and have a high return on investment.

Message targeting

Filter your customers using various criteria to precisely target your bulk campaign. This way, you send out advertising or other campaign types with content that attracts the right group of people.

Message personalization

Personalize the text of your SMS and Viber campaigns by using different variables. Rather than writing “Hi, how do you like your guitar?” isn’t it better to write “Hi Jake, how do you like your Fender Stratocaster you bought 7 days ago at our store?” By leveraging the information you collected about the customer, your campaign has a dramatically different impact on your business.

Campaign analytics

Have a complete overview of your marketing activity. With our analytics, you directly see what impact your SMS and Viber campaigns have on your business. This helps you adjust your communication strategy further to achieve a higher return on investment.

Campaign overview

Have a complete overview of your campaign activity. Browse through your finished and unfinished campaigns.

Multiple methods of importing contacts

Import contacts to your bulk campaign via CSV/Excel, vCard, Enter numbers manually, or your store database.

Different sender ID types

Choose from different types of Sender ID (Text sender ID, Own mobile number, System number, or Short Code) for each country (if available – see our price list).

Text sender ID customization

Customize your Text sender ID and send messages under the name of your company, which appears instead of a phone number (e.g. MyShop.com; max 11 characters). Check if it is available in your country (see our price list).

URL shortener

Shorten the links in your SMS campaigns with our URL shortener. You will save many precious characters to create a better message and get more statistics about your campaign.

Campaign review

Campaign overview provides you with all the information in one place. You can see the message content, channels used, campaign costs, recipient countries, and other important information.

Campaign testing

Before you send your campaign, test it on yourself. You may find small mistakes that could put your campaign or even your business at risk.

Features of SMS plugins and modules

Other features

BulkGate SMS plugins and modules have many other great features that will help you with your marketing activities.

Two-way messaging

Communicate directly with customers via two-way messaging and get their reactions or answer their questions. The SMS and Viber messages your customers send back to you appear in your inbox.


Filter through your messaging history list by event, date, recipient, content, delivery statuses, price in credits, the total number of sent messages, Sender ID.


Use Simple API to add functions you need to your e-shop.

Credit management

Set up a low credit alert to avoid the risk of running out of credit and not being able to communicate with your customers. You and other administrators can receive a notification to top up your credit account in time. Credit can be purchased using PayPal or other methods.


Download invoices directly from the module‘s back office.


Contact us for more information about our opt-out solution for customers.

Mobile connect - new feature

Install our Android app and connect your e-shop with your mobile phone. Take advantage of the cheap (or free) messages from your carrier's mobile plan to send SMS messages via the BulkGate SMS plugin. Read more information.

BulkGate SMS plugin installation

The plugin installation is really simple. Follow our installation guide on our helpdesk if you run into any problems. You can also use our helpdesk to get additional information about all of our SMS gateway solutions.

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